Jennica Lounsbury

Jennica Lounsbury

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Jennica Lounsbury

Jennica Lounsbury

Jennica was born in Montreal, and currently lives in Toronto with her family. She loves to read, draw, and think up fun ideas! Then she loves to draw the fun ideas she thinks and reads about. She has always been an artist, and went to animation school to learn about making art move. Her passion for picture books led her to children’s illustration, where she gets to combine warm, thoughtful visual storytelling with playful details. Jennica has worked on picture books about all sorts of subjects, and some have been very serious and some have been very goofy, but to every one she adds her unique brand of heart. She has also been known to draw much-loved homes, delicious food and recipes, family portraits, children’s content for any and all mediums, and many, many, many lovely cats

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