Jim Crawley

Jim Crawley

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Jim Crawley

Jim Crawley

Jim grew up in a sleepy village, spending days drawing dinosaurs, ninja turtles and Sonic the hedgehog. As a kid, films like Ghostbusters and Back to the Future got him drawing exciting characters and now as a full-time illustrator, he is proud to say he has never had to grow up - the sonic drawing kid in him is super happy, even if he wanted to be an astronaut! Jim’s son and his imagination inspire him everyday. ‘What would Teddy do?’ Pirate dinosaurs on Mars? Let’s do it! Now he brings characters to life with his published books and he is incredibly grateful to call ‘being a kid’ his job; drawing cartoons is a dream! Jim now lives in Somerset, UK with his partner and an eclectic mix of; two chickens and three cats, one blind, one hyperactive and the other with social anxiety! When he’s not drawing, he’s usually concocting some elaborate plan to build a proton pack out of cardboard or turn his studio into Hobbiton

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