Joanna Davala

Joanna Davala

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Joanna Davala

Joanna Davala

Joanna Davala is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Toronto, Canada. She was born in Bangalore, India, and grew up immersed in various environments and a chaos of colours. Coming from a family of artists and musicians, it was hard not to be inspired. Joanna’s biggest influences were her grandfather, a war veteran who played the sitar, and her aunt, who established and ran a kindergarten. They both made things out of curiosity and love and now Joanna does too. Joanna went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in visual arts from the College of Fine Arts Chitrakala Parishath. Since graduating, she has been working as a freelance illustrator in a variety of industries, enjoying every bit of it. In her spare time, Joanna enjoys experimenting with new mediums of expression and spending time outdoors, preferably close to the sound of water. Joanna is drawn to projects with a meaningful purpose, promoting sustainability and empowering individuals and communities.

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