Judit Tondora

Judit Tondora

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Judit Tondora

Judit Tondora

Judit Tondora has been illustrating artworks for comics, books, games, posters, prints, magazines, trading cards, storyboards, animations and many more for 10 years. Her illustrations appeared in DC Comics and Dynamite Entertainment comics, Benchmark and Scholastic books and she has illustrated official Star Trek, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Bettie Page artworks. Her latest licensed publication, a short graphic novel, appears in the New York Times Bestseller Beastie Boys Book. She also has been working on licensed products for Disney, other licenses and publishers she has worked for are Rittenhouse Archives, Upper Deck, CBS Studios, Marc Ecko Entertainment, Nike, and more. Judit runs a full-time freelance studio where she works on client-jobs and develops her projects

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