Junissa Bianda

Junissa Bianda

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Junissa Bianda

Junissa Bianda

Junissa Bianda is an illustrator from Indonesia with a passion for art! Rarely do you see her without a colored pencil and a sketchbook in her grasp. In the past, she proclaimed herself a professional scribbler, as she was known for scribbling on her friends’ school notebooks. At first, she couldn’t figure out which specific art field she loved the most. As a result, she enrolled in a number of art classes like oil painting, manga, 3d animation, and chose graphic design for her undergraduate degree. Her work can be identified as very whimsical and colorful. This is what later made her realize that her quirks fit quite well with children’s illustration. Therefore she decided to get a graduate degree in children’s book illustration at the Academy of Art University. That became her passion leading up to today. Now graduated and finally settling down in Indonesia with her mom, 5 siblings and two cats, she’s ready to publish another children’s book, and also venture into greeting cards and product licensing


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