Kateryna Pidlisna

Kateryna Pidlisna

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Kateryna Pidlisna

Kateryna Pidlisna

Kateryna lives in Kharkiv, Ukraine and has been drawing since her early childhood. She remembers how her mom who was working in publishing too would get back home with a stack of wasted paper, printed on one side. Needless to say that she would never let the other side empty! Kateryna didn’t limit herself with a subject but animals were her favorite thing to draw so as they are now! In 2018 she graduated from Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts and started her career as an illustrator working with Ukrainian publishing houses. Now she already has several published projects. She primarily works digitally and aims to one day make a book in traditional mediums. Kateryna loves creating bright illustrations that touch the reader’s soul. Movies, video games and long walks through the city are her main sources of inspiration


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