Katie Crumpton

Katie Crumpton

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Katie Crumpton

Katie Crumpton

I was born in South Carolina in 1992 but now I’m currently living in the Bay Area. I moved to California to attend the Academy of Art University and graduated with a bachelor's degree in illustration in 2016. I started drawing from a very young age and was too stubborn to stop. I get inspired by going on long walks, reading, watching movies and playing video games. Animals, nature, magical themes and spooky things are also creative fuel for me. When I’m not drawing I’m probably watching the Harry Potter movies for the umpteenth time, hula hooping, creating music, or exploring a book shop. I’m primarily a digital artist, because it’s convenient, portable. I enjoy drawing whimsical, weird, and cute things that make me happy. I like listening to music or podcasts while I work. My taste in music ranges from upbeat synth and pop, to movie soundtracks, and punk

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