Katya Longhi

Katya Longhi

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Katya Longhi

Katya Longhi

Katya Longhi was born in 1984 in Modica, a small town in Southern Italy. She grew up in Trento and studied at the Art Academy in Florence. Since then she has studied illustration at Nemo NT Academy of Digital Arts. When she was a child she drew everything she saw – she has countless drawings of ice cream and Snoopy! Katya completed several animation and illustration workshops, which she found invaluable as they helped her establish her style, and were the stimulation for her passion. Katya works digitally but she begins by drawing with pencil on paper. She then scans the work onto her computer where she enhances the piece with her finishing touches. In her spare time, Katya loves to read fairytales and collect snow globes. She currently works as a freelance illustrator based in Vercelli, where she lives with her very own Prince Charming! She has also exhibited in numerous art exhibitions throughout Italy

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