Kelly Caswell

Kelly Caswell

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Kelly Caswell

Kelly Caswell

Kelly lives in the seaside town of Clevedon, UK, and works from her home studio at the end of the garden. She completed an Illustration degree in 2006 and has worked for book publishers and design agencies before spreading her wings and going freelance. Kelly likes to start projects with lots of sketches. Once she has finalised her ideas, she will then moved digitally, which is where she enjoys experimenting with colour, texture and adding in extra details to the drawing. Over the past ten years she's been fortunate enough to have worked on a wonderful variety of projects and has created artwork for storybooks, novelty books, games, toys and greetings cards. Kelly has worked with a number of clients, which include London Zoo, Simon & Schuster and Hachette. Outside the world of illustration, Kelly loves food, hot water-bottles and dressing gowns. She's also head chef and chief den maker for her two children


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