Kimberley Walker

Kimberley Walker

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Kimberley Walker

Kimberley Walker

Creativity has forever been a force of nature for Kimberley, an illustrator based in Bucking- hamshire, UK. Growing up surrounded by green hills and countryside, constantly sketching observations led to nature inspiring the organic shapes and bright colour palettes of her contemporary work. After gaining her Bachelor of Arts in Illustration at the Arts University Bournemouth, she gained an appreciation for the many uses of illustration and uses creativity to spread important messages and communicate a variety of ideas. She enjoys playing with traditional media to come up with exciting compositions, but creating the final, crisp illustrations using digital illustration techniques. Alongside the joy of designing characters that can explore illustrated worlds, Kimberley adores illustrating movement and creating concept-driven visuals. When not illustrating, you can find Kimberley rollerblading or cycling and going on walks to explore new and overlooked places. She also enjoys simply relaxing at home with a book, normally accompanied by one of her pets.

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