Komal Pahwa

Komal Pahwa

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Komal Pahwa

Komal Pahwa

Komal was born in Udaipur and raised in Kota, Rajasthan, well known for its culture all across the world. Ever since her childhood she has been drawing and painting unaware of the fact that art could also be a career option. While pursuing her undergraduate degree in Computer Science she realized that her imagination was her strongest asset. Thereafter, Komal moved to Savannah in 2016 to pursue a Masters from SCAD in illustration/communication design and fell in love with the way art was taught by her professors. Her art reflects who she is and where she comes from, therefore it’s a mix of her love for abstraction, shapes and colors and the whimsical side that comes from her Indian heritage. She has been a featured artist of design tutsplus blog, has been an adobe design semifinalist, an AOI longlisted artist, as well as a part of an AOI exhibition (World Illustration Awards Finalist) held in London. While working Komal listens to all kinds of music which seldom depends on what kind of art she is creating

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