Laura Horton

Laura Horton

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Laura Horton

Laura Horton

Born near Salt Lake City, Utah, as an Air Force brat, Laura has grown up inspired by travel and exploration and has always had a passion for family, creativity and imagination. After her father’s passing, she realized that life is short and decided to dedicate her life to following her dreams. This included creating illustrations and stories that combat sorrow with joy. Inspired by cultures around the world, her work is quirky and sweet, with a focus on character design and pattern. She enjoys employing a warm, comforting feeling to her illustrations, which usually include little, friendly creatures, delicate patterns and floral elements. Laura earned her BFA in illustration and animation from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. She has been featured in many juried exhibitions, including the 2014 Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship Exhibit and in the MIAD Senior Juried Exhibition. When she's not working, she can be found drinking tea, reading, and game designing. Currently she lives in Helsinki, Finland, to obtain a masters degree in game design and development

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