Letizia Rubegni

Letizia Rubegni

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Letizia Rubegni

Letizia Rubegni

Letizia Rubegni is an Italian children’s book illustrator. She lives in the Maremma countryside, in Tuscany. From a very early age, she fell in love with storytelling through pictures, so she always carries her red sketch pad everywhere she goes to capture any interesting ideas. After graduating in Scenography from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, Letizia gained further qualifications as a Television Cartoonist and Graphic Designer. Through a combination of detailed pencil drawings and digital processes with comedy and drama, Letizia aims to create a well balanced mixture of darkness, grotesque and humor. Her illustration project from “The red shoes”, based on the famous fairy tale by H.C. Andersen, was selected for the exhibition “Lettori di Carta” at the 2014 Bologna Children’s Book Fair. She illustrated the book "La Tela di Eugenio”, written by Paola Fabiani


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