Marcin Piwowarski

Marcin Piwowarski

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Marcin Piwowarski

Marcin Piwowarski

Marcin Piwowarski was born in 1972 and pursued both international and domestic career in painting and children illustration. He is self-taught in traditional as well as digital illustration and managed to make over one thousand books during his twenty-year artistic journey. His artwork is mostly inspired by nature, daily life and music. He likes to mix magical and mysterious ambience with down to earth elements of every-day reality, which results in thrilling, but comprehensible pieces which are loved by children and adults equally. As a single father of three kids, he understands what to include in his art for it to be adored and eye-catching. Despite all of that, the most important about his persona is, as he says, that he prefers tea over coffee

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