Mariano Epelbaum

Mariano Epelbaum

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Mariano Epelbaum

Mariano Epelbaum

Mariano Epelbaum is a character designer, illustrator and traditional 2D animator. He has been working professionally since 1996 in various disciplines of animation and illustration, where character designs tend to be very expressive and original. Currently, Mariano works as an art director on several projects. He is always trying different styles and techniques. As an animation artist, Mariano participated in an outstanding production of "Metegol" (Underdogs in U.S.), as Character Art Director and Character Designer. He also worked on a 3D animated a feature film directed by Juan Jos Campanella, Academy Award winner for Best Foreign Picture thriller The Secret in Their Eyes, Garca Ferr movies such as Manuelita and Corazn, Las alegras de Pantriste; Micaela (Encuadre SA), Baha Mgica (Bitt Animation), the three films "Dibu", the TV series Mi familia es un dibujo (Patagonik film Group), and scenes of the film Og y Mampaton (Hook Up Animation). In addition, Mariano has also worked on various animated commercials and as the character designer of "Blackout" and "Rice & Matchsticks". In the field of illustration, Mariano has collaborated with many Spanish publishers such as Edeb, Planeta De Agostini, Vicens Vives, Bromera, Imaginarium and Estudio Fenix. He also created work for Alfaguara, El Gato de Hojalata, Pictus, Clasa, Grupo Editorial Norma, Puerto de Palos and Ediciones Urano from Argentina and Santillana from Puerto Rico and the United States

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