Marta Orse

Marta Orse

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Marta Orse

Marta Orse

Marta was born in 1987 in Jerez, a city in the south of Spain, near the sea. As a child, she spent long hours drawing, painting, modelling clay, experimenting with different colours. When she grew up, she decided to follow her dreams and followed a degree in Fine Arts at the University of Granada. She completed her training at the Lycée des Arts et des Matériaux in Luxembourg and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara (Italy). Shortly after, she completed her degree in Illustration. She likes to create stories and characters that inspire others and in which they can see themselves reflected. For her, magic is found in the little things of everyday life, which make it more special. Her characters are tender, warm and expressive. She likes to work traditionally with pencils, gouache and watercolour and also digitally, on the iPad that she carries everywhere. When she is not drawing, she enjoys spending time in nature, hiking, cooking, practising yoga, reading, going to concerts or watching 50's and 60's movies. Her favourite! Although she has lived in many places in Europe, as she loves to travel, she currently lives between the south of Spain and Madrid


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