Matthew Forsyth

Matthew Forsyth

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Matthew Forsyth

Matthew Forsyth

Matt is a freelance illustrator, concept artist, 3D modeller, texture artist and writer. He lives on Great Barrier Island, a little slice of heaven just off the coast of New Zealand. His work is powered by solar panels so every brush stroke and typed word is clean and green. Matt started out in his working life as a commercial banker running projects in process management. After leaving the corporate world to study 3D animation, he then went on to work in the games industry as the lead artist, running a team of four talented artists for Mere Mortals NZ. After that he worked for the Navy and Airforce creating 3D training videos to cover a wide range of topics. Matt now freelances for a number of wonderfully varied clients, from indie game companies and virtual supermarkets, to children’s e-books and fantasy card games. He also spends his spare time writing and building the world of Winters Edge, a land of fantasy and adventure filled with memorable heroes and noble quests. Aside from his passion for all things art and all things fantasy, he also loves basketball, surfing and playing the harmonica


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