Melina Ontiveros

Melina Ontiveros

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Melina Ontiveros

Melina Ontiveros

Living in a city surrounded by hills and mountains up in the North of Mexico (but she always wanted to live in the woods) Melina always had a pencil and paper to draw on, but it wasn’t until she graduated as an Industrial Designer when she realized she wanted to dedicate her life to the arts. A nature lover, she’ll be the first one to notice when the sky is in pretty colors and the sight of trees always puts her in a great mood. With her illustrations, she wants to remind people how good it is to be a child, using vibrant colors and exploring with textures. She has worked on illustrations for Westbrook Entertainment collaborating with artwork based on Facebook Watch Series: Will Smith’s Bucket List. When she’s not drawing, you can find her watching a good movie, playfully teasing her cats or (not-so) patiently waiting for the holidays, her favorite time of the year

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