Nathalia Takeyama

Nathalia Takeyama

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Nathalia Takeyama

Nathalia Takeyama

Nathalia Takeyama was born in 1996, São Paulo, Brazil. Being half Japanese, half Brazilian she grew up surrounded by two beautiful cultures that inspire her every day. She loved to draw since she was a little kid so she went to college to pursue her dreams and majored in Animation Design in 2017, after that, she won a scholarship in Quanta Academia de Artes for an Illustration course from 2018 to 2019. The world and nature inspire her to be a better version of herself and evolve her illustration so she can bring joy to as many people as she can. Nathalia works mainly in digital media, with a love for texture, colorful palettes, and diverse characters. You can find her reading a book, watching a movie, taking her adopted dog – Lucy - for a walk, daydreaming, and doodling away fun ideas.

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