Olla Meyzinger

Olla Meyzinger

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Olla Meyzinger

Olla Meyzinger

Olla Meyzinger is an illustrator, originally from Russia, she is now based in Italy. Olla’s journey as an artist began with a high graduate in a separate speciality, but her true passion for drawing led her to pursue a career in illustration. Since then, she has experimented with various techniques and styles, and now creates vibrant digital illustrations in her home studio for publishing, editorial, and marketing purposes. As a freelance illustrator, Olla has illustrated and published children’s books, participated in contests, and continues to stay current by keeping an eye on trends. Olla’s inspiration comes from animals, vintage markets, cinematography, and nature. She approaches her subjects in a uniquely playful manner and she loves to use bright colours and shapes to create emotional and vibrant outcomes.

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