Pablo Cartagena

Pablo Cartagena

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Pablo Cartagena

Pablo Cartagena

Pablo Cartagena [Pah-bloh Kar-ta-hay-nah] was born in Madrid, but when he was only 2 years old, his parents moved to Asturias, a green paradise in the north of Spain. Both are artists, so Pablo grew up surrounded by paintings and art in their home studio. From an early age, he loved to draw, drawing a lot of pictures inspired by comics and manga. He studied at the Barreira School of Art and Design in the Mediterranean city of Valencia. Pablo works digitally in Procreate and sometimes Adobe Photoshop. Over the years, he developed his own style, influenced by mid-century illustration and retro styles. As a children's illustrator focused on the youngest audiences, his characters are cute and his worlds are colourful and cheerful. Pablo has a playful cat named Lucas, and in his spare time, he enjoys hiking and paddle surfing to relax.

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