Paula Ortiz

Paula Ortiz

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Paula Ortiz

Paula Ortiz

Paula Ortiz was born in Medellín, Colombia. She is a graphic designer with a master’s in children's literature and has worked as an illustrator in the publishing sector for more than 10 years.The language of her brushstrokes is simple, candid and sweet, which has allowed her to create her own universe with characters who tell stories through beautiful metaphors. Her work has been influenced by the textile world, making it wonderfully rich in shapes, colors and textures, coming from patterns, trends, and its various materials and techniques. Paula usually works with gouache, colored pencil as well as digital media. Her work has been published by various Ibero-American publishers. She currently lives in a small coffee town in Colombia hidden in the mountains, working next to her dog; Wanda, a manipulative cat; La Gorda, and her beloved Piggy


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