Raluca Burca

Raluca Burca

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Raluca Burca

Raluca Burca

Raluca is an illustrator based in Romania. She studied graphic arts and illustration at George Enescu University of Arts in Iasi and completed her master’s Degree at Bucharest National University of Arts. Raluca is always looking for new ways to reach the viewer's heart through illustrating children's books, animating short films, and writing her own stories. She loves illustration in any shape and texture and aspires to become an artist who inspires and contributes to the harmonious development of children. She works in traditional mediums combining watercolour with coloured pencils, gouache, chalk, oil pastels, threads and even textiles. She loves nature in all its forms and tries to transmit through her art a little of life's beauty. When not illustrating, Raluca enjoys morning walks in the park, taking pictures of nature and plant shopping

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