Riley Stark

Riley Stark

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Riley Stark

Riley Stark

Originally from Connecticut, Riley now loves living in Manhattan and getting to be a 'city girl'. As a self-taught artist, Riley enjoys the constant inspiration that living in NYC provides and she finds the faster pace of life invigorating. Along with her cat, Aisha, and her husband, Aaron, Riley is always eager to tackle new projects and loves that she gets to make people happy around the world with her artwork. She particularly enjoys drawing pieces that have a touch of vintage elegance to them, as her favorite artists are John Singer Sargent, J. C. Leyendecker, and Sidney Paget. However historic the piece or more modern in flavor the artwork, Riley is adaptable and has been published in a wide variety of books and magazines during her career. If you really want to get her chatting, bringing up Doctor Who, anything Marvel-related, Sherlock Holmes, or video games will get her going -- she's a self-confessed geek and adores connecting with others who also get excited about conventionally 'nerdy' things


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