Roberta Ravasio

Roberta Ravasio

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Roberta Ravasio

Roberta Ravasio

Roberta Ravasio was born in a farmhouse in Bergamo, Italy. She attended the high school of arts in her city and later moved to Milan, where she completed the School of Comics, learning traditional techniques. Her love for drawing started as a child when spent her days climbing trees. She discovered the world of illustration through books and countless afternoons spent in the library. She loves reading (a lot), history, cats, and houses. She has been illustrating since 2008 and participated in several illustrator seminars including, Svjetlan Junaković, Anna Castagnoli, Maurizio Quarello, Paolo d’Altan, Miguel Tanco, Morena Forza, Julia Sardà. Roberta loves creating illustrations with melancholic atmospheres, using bright colours and contrasts. In her work she uses a combination of traditional and digital media and creates characters drawings, greeting cards, cover books, etc. When she is not drawing she loves playing with her son, running and watching TV dramas.

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