Roman Diaz

Roman Diaz

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Roman Diaz

Roman Diaz

Roman is from Mexico and was born and raised in the city of Toluca. He currently lives in Mexico City and has been there for the past 5 years. His first drawings were for schoolwork, and he enjoyed copying drawings from photos and cartoons. Years later, he studied graphic design as a major, finding illustration the best way to express himself. Whilst illustration is his passion, Children’s illustration fulfils him as an artist. His motivation is his family and he always feels proud of each and every one of his creations. He tries to evoke emotional responses from people. He would define his artwork as full of vibrant colours, intense lights similar to sunsets. His work method consist of doing research to inform himself as much as possible about the facts and references of the era. He ten proceeds with the sketching process, drawing the elements that fit with the characters. Then follow scene composition, creating solid forms and finally textures. He likes to say he draws stories for a living, describing himself as a creator of lines and colours. He has a few awards in design and advertising in Mexico, such as Best Mobile Game in VJMX 2019 for Ghost Attack. He has also worked for Nick Jr doing character designs for children’s shows. In his free time, he visits his friends and family, watches TV series’, and travels in his own beautiful country. He also likes to attend illustration events, take online courses and learn from other artists

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