Ronaldo Barata

Ronaldo Barata

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Ronaldo Barata

Ronaldo Barata

Ronaldo Barata is a Brazilian illustrator, graphic designer, and cartoonist with over 20 years of experience in character creation, illustration, concept art, advertising illustration, storyboarding, and comics. In 2000, he started working as a freelance illustrator and drawing teacher. Ronaldo has had the opportunity to work on many projects in different industries, including textbooks, games, magazines, advertising, websites, and many major book publishers. Ronaldo was the art director at Quanta Estúdio for over 10 years. There he worked on illustrations, took care of art production and quality, and edited Sesi Quanta partnership comics from 2015 to 2018. In addition to his illustration work, he works as a freelance animator with companies such as Titimouse Inc. and Alopra Studio, on character and scene design. Ronaldo is also the author of the Sobrenatural Social Clube published by Sesi-SP and the independent comic Divino Mundanismo.

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