Rong Pham & Vinh Nguyen

Rong Pham & Vinh Nguyen

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Rong Pham & Vinh Nguyen

Rong Pham & Vinh Nguyen

Rong Pham and Vinh Nguyen are duo illustrators based in Saigon, Vietnam. Rong and Vinh have had 8-year experiences working in the publishing and advertising industry. Using mostly digital media, they focus on children's picture books and book jacket art and have the privilege of corporate with many publishers locally and internationally, such as Room to Read, Poodle Doodle Press and Scholastic Asia. Studying at the HCM University of Fine Arts, Rong pursues a traditional method of art-making in Vietnam, called Sơn mài, to continue exploring his artistic voice and renew his mindset in this everchanging society. Working with different mediums enlightens the team's spirit. They even have created 2 children's books featuring mixed-media and collage techniques. Rong and Vinh love nature and adore sentimental moments in family and friendships. After spending years researching and taking care of house plants, they have successfully created a small garden where their cats often take a nap peacefully. The more they understand green plants, the more they appreciate the lives and the biodiversity of trees and creatures on Earth.

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