Salma Ali

Salma Ali

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Salma Ali

Salma Ali

Salma Ali is an Egyptian-American illustrator, born and raised in coastal Virginia. Drawing since she could hold a pencil, in her early years she attended a visual arts school and received many national accolades for her art. She found her way into digital illustration in 2017 and practiced any chance that she could. Salma pursued and subsequently earned a Ph.D. related to technology design and innovation. Eager to intertwine her creative and artistic inclinations with a flourishing interest in science and technology, throughout her research in academia and the technology industry, art remained a steadfast companion. Since then, she has created playful and endearing characters and stories inspired by her Arab and Egyptian heritage, Muslim faith, fascination with nature, and childhood Saturday morning cartoon marathons. These influences to her artistic journey resulted in lively narratives that reflect a harmonious blend of diverse influences, including her unique cultural identity and vast professional experiences.

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