Samantha Marando

Samantha Marando

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Samantha Marando

Samantha Marando

Samantha lives in Surrey with her lovely husband & her very flat faced cat called Pancake. She is often found painting away in her little pink studio. Her preferred medium is watercolour paints, which she scans into the computer to digitally edit them. After studying illustration at university, Samantha worked for many years as a greeting card designer followed by a product designer. After 10 years experience working as an in-house designer she took the plunge to go freelance and never looked back! As a child Samantha would spend hours looking at the illustrations in her collection of children's books. She dreamed that one day she would be a children's book illustrator & that her colourful drawings would inspire other young children. When Samantha isn't working, she can often be found baking, sewing or planting flowers in her garden. A general rule is, if a granny likes it... Samantha probably likes it

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