Santy Gutierrez

Santy Gutierrez

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Santy Gutierrez

Santy Gutierrez

Santy Gutierrez was born in Spain, grew up in Vigo, and now lives in Corunna (La Corua), both seaside cities. He doesnt remember choosing to be a cartoonist he just doesnt remember ever having been anything else! If he had lived in the Stone Age, hed be painting mammoths on the cave instead of going out with the rest of the tribe to hunt them. Santy is intellectually curious and anything that tickles his neurons attracts him like a moth to the light. Everything that influences him comes out as drawings. He spends most of his time on his own planet like the Little Prince and in spite of that, he has been able to have a wonderful, loving family of which he is very proud, and which he considers an undeserved gift. His wife, son, and friends are his personal inspiration. He has a fresh, evocative cartoon style and works in pencils and ink, as well as digitally with his Wacom Cintiq. Among clients, hes known for being professional, versatile, and prompt, on top of being highly skilled. In his career, Santy has won acclaim as the Best Spanish Young Editorial Cartoonist and Best Galician Caricaturist, among others. He founded the BAOBAB Studio Artists Collective and has been chairman of the AGPI (Galician Professional Illustrators Association) for 6 years. Santy has reached his forties enjoying his work, and he aims to keep on doing it for at least another 40 years. If he werent an artist, he figures hed probably be boring his pupils as a university professor


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