Sara Gianassi

Sara Gianassi

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Sara Gianassi

Sara Gianassi

Drawing and painting have always been two of Sara’s biggest passions. Ever since she was a child, she used to draw everything she saw or imagined: fantastic worlds, landscapes, people, and cats! Sara was born in 1984 in Scarperia (near Florence, Italy), where she currently lives and works. After graduating with a degree in Costume and Scenic Design at the Department of Architecture of the University of Florence (2007), Sara worked for three years as a fashion designer. Sara then returned to pursue her passion, illustration, enrolling at the Nemo Academy of Florence. In 2013, she graduated with awards and she started work as freelance illustrator and concept artist for international publishing houses and studios. Sara’s other great passion is traveling. If she were not an illustrator, she would certainly be an astronaut

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