Sasha Kolesnik

Sasha Kolesnik

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Sasha Kolesnik

Sasha Kolesnik

Sasha is an illustrator based in Stockholm, Sweden. With a background in graphic and interface design, she’s now focused on creating illustrations for a diverse range of clients including book publishers, brands, passionate individuals, and organizations that want to add something warm and friendly to their image. Sasha works mainly digitally, her style is often described as soft and dreamy, speaking to children and adults alike. Her work is inspired by both real and imaginary atmospheric places, nature, and simple everyday moments. She enjoys creating little spot illustrations using a limited color palette, and illustrated maps are her most recent passion. When not working on client or personal projects, Sasha can be found biking around Stockholm, exploring museums with her husband and daughter, sketching in her tiny sketchbook with wax pastels, or reading a book and sipping coffee in a cozy cafe.

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