Shelby Walters

Shelby Walters

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Shelby Walters

Shelby Walters

Shelby is a self taught illustrator based in Texas. Growing up in a small town in Indiana, there wasn’t much for her to do. So Shelby equipped herself with an arsenal of art supplies and unknowingly started a journey and love of art that would follow her throughout her lifetime. She went on to earn a degree in photography before rediscovering her passion for illustration and following her childhood dream of becoming a picture book illustrator. Shelby’s work is deeply inspired by her lifelong love of animation, fantasy, storytelling, and nostalgia. Using shape language, a vibrant color palette, and digital brushes that emulate traditional mediums, she focuses on creating playful, lively, and amusing illustrations that evoke a feeling of comfort and sentimentality. Along with creating art, Shelby also enjoys reading fantasy novels, doing yoga, and going on long walks with her fiance and their dog, Bruce.

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