Silvia Maria Becerril Guillermo

Silvia Maria Becerril Guillermo

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Silvia Maria Becerril Guillermo

Silvia Maria Becerril Guillermo

Silvia Maria Becerril Guillermo, a Cuban illustrator living in Merida, Mexico, has quite the knack for bringing stories to life, especially those meant for little ones. She's worked on a bunch of children's books for Cuban publishers, kicking off her international journey with "William, Travels and Adventures Around the World" for Columbia Kids Publisher. Lately, she's been busy illustrating two books for the Cuban publishing house Abril: "A Perfect Kid" and a fun spin on "Hansel and Gretel". Silvia's even left her mark across the pond, contributing illustrations to the British children's magazine, Storytime Magazine, in its October 2023 issue, with a tale called "The Mansion of Cats". Alongside her book gigs, Silvia's shown her stuff in both group and solo art exhibitions. She finds her inspiration in the memories of her own childhood, often weaving in folk tales featuring mermaids and other mystical creatures. Drawing is where Silvia feels most like herself, free to become whoever she wants to be. She's got her own little universe of characters, and through her art, she can travel anywhere, right from her own desk.

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