Singgih Cahyo Jadmiko

Singgih Cahyo Jadmiko

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Singgih Cahyo Jadmiko

Singgih Cahyo Jadmiko

Singgih, an illustrator born and raised in Indonesia, derives his passion for art from his father, a puppet maker and traditional painter. As a child, Singgih often played with his father's paints, sketching on walls and exploring various surfaces he could paint on. During his teenage years, he assisted and studied painting alongside his father. In 2021, Singgih graduated from the Bandung Institute of Technology with a major in craft and ceramic design. Despite his academic focus, his passion for painting and illustration endured. After graduation, he returned to his artistic pursuits, aiming to fulfill his creative aspirations. Currently, Singgih is exploring digital art, translating his painting style into a new medium. While acknowledging the differences, he enjoys the challenges that come with this artistic transition.

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