Soia Di Chiara Manetti

Soia Di Chiara Manetti

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Soia Di Chiara Manetti

Soia Di Chiara Manetti

Chiara Manetti is an Italian illustrator, also known online as “soia” (yes, the Italian name for soy sauce, they just really like salty food!). Chiara grew up in a small windy town in Tuscany. They were never very good with words as a child, so they learned to express themself through art. They still use art as a form of communication and expression. They love being able to share stories with people who don’t speak the same language through their work. Chiara studied sculptures for theater props and enjoys working backstage during plays. It is a truly infinite source of inspiration for them. They continued to study art and illustration in their spare time, posting their progress on Instagram, until they decided to make illustration their full-time job. They are currently studying animation at the Nemo Academy to refine their storytelling abilities while working as a freelance illustrator.

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