Stefano Raggi

Stefano Raggi

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Stefano Raggi

Stefano Raggi

Stefano Raggi was born in Tuscany. Since he was a child, drawing has always been a way for him to communicate and express himself. Although he is mainly self-taught, studying and copying from books, he has taken a few illustration courses as well. In 2018 Stefano took one course for illustrators in Scandicci with Joanna Concejo. Between 2018 and 2019, he collaborated with another illustrator to create books for Coccole Books. In 2020, Stefano began taking classes at the Ars in Fabula school in Macerata, graduating with a Master’s degree in illustration in 2021. Stefano works with traditional mediums such as watercolor, pencils, and graphite, and he likes to experiment with different points of view, expressions, and details in his work.

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