Susie Oh

Susie Oh

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Susie Oh

Susie Oh

Susie Oh is an illustrator and collage artist from South Korea. As a child, she developed a fascination with nature in South Korea's rural backwaters and a passion for narrative art in New York City's public libraries. Susie went on to study illustration at the Pratt Institute and take classes in animal drawing and urban ecology at the American Museum of Natural History and the New York Botanical Garden. Susie has adapted her love of watercolor and mixed-media collage into digital art. Her debut picture book, “Soomi's Sweater”, was a silver medal winner of the 2020 Key Colors Illustrators Competition. In her free time when Susie isn't quietly sobbing over reels of baby animals, she is sewing or doodling. Don't ask Susie what day of the week or year it currently is, but do ask her to show you zombie flies in Central Park and to illustrate your fantastic story idea.

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