Teresa Martinez

Teresa Martinez

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Teresa Martinez

Teresa Martinez

During her early childhood, Teresa lived in a small town north of Mexico, playing in the river, walking with the cows, and feeding the neighbor’s pigs. When her parents decided to move to the city (Monterrey) to give Teresa and her brothers a better education, she spent these later years missing that quiet life. Teresa was a very shy girl at school, and drawing helped her connect with other kids. There was no career for Illustration in Mexico in those days, so Teresa decided to study Graphic Design and spent many afternoons reading books on art in the university’s library. She also took many painting courses and even went to Italy for a short course at the Leonardo Da Vinci School (Florence). Eventually, she started working as a children’s book illustrator and been doing that ever since. Now Teresa lives in Puerto Vallarta, drawing for kids (as she did in her school). Every other day, she gets to see the cows outside her house. And that makes her happy

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