Vera Popova

Vera Popova

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Vera Popova

Vera Popova

As far back as Vera can remember she has always dreamt to be an artist. Vera began to draw when she was hardly three years old. She drew everywhere, every time and used anything to be her canvas. It was a long and fascinating journey. Vera studied at the art school and then at the Moscow Academic Art Lyceum. Though she started from traditional art later she realized that children’s illustration is what she really wanted to do. Vera always painted with watercolors, but then she realized she needed to find something more compact. Vera draws on her iPad most of the time. It's so convenient to carry it with her all the time and draw everywhere, especially during trips! When she is not drawing, you can find her riding a bike or reading books. Also Vera likes travelling and Especially she loves to travel to places she has never been before. Now Vera lives and works in Moscow.

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