Wendy Leach

Wendy Leach

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Wendy Leach

Wendy Leach

Wendy was born in the heartland of the United States and has very stubbornly stayed put (except for a short time in Austin, Texas, which was more of an extended vacation). She currently lives in Overland Par, Kansas, a suburb of Kansas City. She loves that she is ten minutes away from her favorite Caravaggio painting and five minutes away from a walk in the creek with her family. Her favorite subjects to draw include cute kids and their pets, city landscapes, and lush garden spaces. With her writing, she likes to explore the emotions of childhood and the dynamics of friendship. She is a proud member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators and was honored to be a featured illustrator on their website. If she wasn't writing and illustrating picture books, she would make over the top decorated cakes

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