Yana Kozak

Yana Kozak

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Yana Kozak

Yana Kozak

Yana Kozak is a children’s book illustrator from Ukraine. She earned a degree in journalism and worked for several years for newspapers and tv shows. For the past four years, she has been doing what she always dreamed of doing, being a full-time children’s book illustrator. When she was a child, her grandmother was her biggest influence, always telling her fascinating stories. These stories are why Yana loves to fantasize about new stories and turns them into illustrations. Yana mainly works digitally in Procreate. She is inspired by her daughter, always trying to see the world through her daughter’s eyes. Her illustrations and characters are cute, funny, and emotional. They love to explore the world and always find themselves in funny situations. Outside of illustration, Yana loves to read, buying books to create an endless list she wants to one day read. Since starting her illustration career, she has illustrated many children’s books including, 'TOK-TOK till dawn', 'Sisters make the best pets', 'How many sleeps?', 'ZISO und das Wilde internet-Rambazamba'. She is currently working on a series called ‘Love Music’, a lift-the-flap series with sound effects.

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