Zelma Firdauzia (Fr)

Zelma Firdauzia (Fr)

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Zelma Firdauzia (Fr)

Zelma Firdauzia (Fr)

Zelma was born and raised in Indonesia. She spends a lot of her time with books and writes whatever she likes. Being a writer used to be her goal until art brings her far away from what she has imagined. She graduated with a bachelor's degree of visual communication design, and then worked in a small studio to understand how the industry works while still drawing from time to time. It took quite some time until she landed her passion in illustration. Drawing is her way to understand herself throughout her childhood memories, favorite movies and cartoon characters. She enjoys exploring little things such as colorful windows, old buildings, and old tree branches. She has worked for a few local publishers in Indonesia. Right now she lives in a small city on the east side of Java island and she's ready to bring her art beyond the limit, soaring into the sky.


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