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Zihua Yang

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Zihua Yang

Zihua Yang

Zihua is a NY-based artist specializing in illustration and storytelling. She was born in Inner Mongolia, China. She started drawing when she was a little girl, always finding ways to express herself creatively, such as drawing on her textbooks. Pairing those dry articles with her illustrations made them more fun to read. Encouraged by her mother, she started pursuing a career in art. After graduating from art college, she worked for EA Games as a video game artist and contributed to multiple AAA+ titles such as “Need for Speed”, “Harry Potter”, “Warhammer”, “Fifa online”, and more. After building up her skills in the professional work environment, she decided to pursue her passion projects, and continue her personal creative endeavor. Combining watercolor and digital tools, she found her unique art style. Zihua believes art comes from life. When she’s not making art, she’s always finding inspiration from being with her children, family, and friends.

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